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La Scommessa

La Scommessa

Franco ha scommesso con il suo amico Gino che avrebbe passato una notte intera all'interno del cimitero del paese. E' convinto che si tratterà di una passeggiata, ma ancora ignora che non sarà il solo a muoversi tra le tombe. Franco bets his friend Gino...

La Scommessa

The Man Who Lived In A Churchyard

For most of us, living in a churchyard would be too scary. This was the view of many of the people in the village, including the Minister’s wife. For one particular man, however, it certainly had its advantages and fortune appeared to have come his way....

La Scommessa

Wakening the Dead

Hallowe'en is good for living people, but what about dead ones? It's not easy to open the door to snippy kids in the middle of your eternal rest from under the basement of the house where you have been murdered. Theme: Story...

La Scommessa

Mary Culhane

A young girl, a ‘thing’ with a taste for blood, three young victims - and a happy ending! Theme: Story Name: Themes: Language: Meet the storyteller  Same story,...

La Scommessa


Jest to ludowa opowieść o głupim Wojtku, który nie wie co to strach! Przez co w drogę wyruszyć musi. Kogo tam spotkał? Czy mądrość zdobył? O tym ta historia będzie. Posłuchajcie!   "Fear" This is a folk tale about a foolish boy called Wojtek who...