Activity Teaching Pack: Communication skills


For teenage and adult learners

The project comprises

  • a 12-page .pdf of lesson plans and student worksheets
  • 10 accompanying videos

Can be used in class or for online teaching

Full details on Richard’s website

The project introduces COMMUNICATION SKILLS and provides students with opportunities to practise them.

It is aimed at teenagers and adults.

Although the materials are in English, they can easily be adapted to use with non-native speakers who have a reasonable understanding of the language. The activities and discussions can, of course, be in the students’ mother tongue.

The project can be taught in class or, as the activities show, adapted for home schooling.

The project is based on a series of 10 videos. Each video is a short explanation of that step in the project. It is recommended that the teacher views each video before the lesson. When used for home schooling, students should view the videos on their own browser: this avoids overloading the web-conferencing platform.

Like all projects, the number of lessons involved will depend on your class and how they work. So view the materials as a resource to be used flexibly rather than a framework to be rigidly followed.

The project is based on my own three decades of teaching in a German secondary school.

Full details on Richard's website