What’s next

How to participate in future rounds

We are always looking for new tellers and new languages.
Do you have a favourite story you would like to contribute? We’d love to hear from you.


Submission procedure

  1. Download our video guidelines and our Letter of Engagement.
    If you need to wear glasses while recording, read how to avoid reflection.
    For further recording support, check this video on Richard’s extensive page.
  2. Record and edit in either 4k or HD (1920×1080) format. BUT SAVE AND SEND TO US IN HD FORMAT – otherwise the file is too large. Read about formats.
  3. Use WeTransfer to send a sample video (30 sec.) of your story for the round to our mail address.
    Before you send, check using John Rogers’ helpful mnemonic:
    • BA = Background
    • L = Lighting
    • A = (separate) Audio
    • CLA = Clap
    • V = Video settings (eg HD, autofocus, tracking etc.)
    • A = ALL rechecked before sending!
  5. Mail:
      • the completed and signed Letter of Engagement
      • a short “teaser” text about your story (max. 50 words – here is an example)
      • a short bio (for an example, scroll down this linked page to Meet the storyteller)
      • in your language, a few #hashtags about the story to use for social media 
      • a head-and-shoulders photo (600 px)

Please respect the deadlines for each round.

If your performance has been selected, we will contact you in time for you to record the whole story.

And of course, share Storyflix, and feel free to invite your fellow storytellers.

Spam warning

Everyone uses different mailing systems and spam prevention tools that can result in our e-mails being sent to your Spam folder. We do our best to prevent this happening but sometimes there is nothing we can do.

If you submit a story to us, we do our best to reply promptly. To ensure that you don’t miss our mails, please:

  • whitelist any e-mails coming from @storyflix.org
  • make sure that you check Spam folder regularly just in case our email has gone astray.

If you haven’t heard back within 3 days, please contact us to make sure that we have received your e-mail.


Contact us

To find out more, send us a message with “Submission query” in the subject box.

Video submissions should be sent via WeTransfer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The immediate future

We are not planning specific rounds – but remain open to contributions.

So look at the Submission procedure, and do get in touch!