Our story

March, 2020, lockdown across much of Europe. What to do?

Go online, of course! Connect with other storytellers.

After many stories exchanged, and many conversations later: Storyflix was born.

For when humanity is put through a great test, where do we turn for comfort?

We turn to music, to poetry, above all to stories.
For in so many of the great folk tales, there are great challenges which are overcome.

Our Team

John Rogers

John Rogers, Storyteller

John has been telling traditional stories for over 25 years, starting with the wonderful myths and legends of Wales.

Since moving to Germany in 2007 he has enjoyed the challenge of telling in a second language too.

In the exceptional year 2020 he was a prime mover behind the two digital storytelling projects “Lange Nacht der Geschichten” in Germany and this 7 x 7 Stories project.

Aurora Piaggesi

Aurora Piaggesi

Aurora Piaggesi is an Italian storyteller, author and creative producer.

She writes, produces and performs live Storytelling shows as well as content for digital media, cinema and television.

Her brand “From Stories to Creative Projects” revolves around researching and applying the elements of narrative in education, healthcare and many other aspects of life. 

Richard Martin

Richard Martin

Richard has been telling professionally for over 30 years, not only throughout Europe but around the world. 

The more than 300 stories in his repertoire are folk tales which reflect the full range of human experience: the comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine.

His website has an extensive video gallery of tales to enjoy – and all for free. 


Our contributors

Ambassadors and their teams

Storyflix is an international and multi-language platform, creating and sharing content from all around Europe. We could not do this without the valued help of our Ambassadors, who coordinate the work of their colleagues who speak a language we do not know, helping our projects travel from country to country.
We are extremely grateful to our Ambassadors and their teams.

Without their committed support, such an extensive and multi-lingual project would be quite impossible.
To our Ambassadors, and the storytellers who worked with you, our thanks!

Want to be an Ambassador for your language?

We’d love to hear from you!

Ambassadors for Old Roots – New Routes

Česká republika (Czech Republic): Justin Svoboda

Deutschland (Germany): Michl Zirk

Magyarország (Hungary): Csenge Zalka

Italia (Italy): Aurora Piaggesi

Norge (Norway): Ivar Nygaard

United Kingdom: Janet Dowling

Storyflix – our future

Old Roots – New Routes: 7 stories told in 7 languages

Our first round of tales, launched in January 2021

6 further rounds are planned during 2021 – different themes, different languages

Want to join us?

Participate explains how to be part of this exciting international storytelling project

Storyflix is a European Storytellers Collective project,
created with the support of the Federation for European Storytelling.

Our Storyflix website

It is true we have worked long and hard on this project.

But without a professional website it would never have come about. And that was simply way beyond our technical abilities.

So our heartfelt thanks to Suzanne Whitby for her generous support.

Storytelling Café

Suzanne is not only a communications specialist, she is a storyteller, too!

Join her (and us) in her new Storytelling Café.